Our teaching approach

The 4 C method relies on 4 core competencies that are targeted toward improving your writing and communication skills:

1. Good Communication and Cultural Codes (overall communication competency) refers to your ability to get your message across. You will learn how unspoken communication and cultural codes work in the foreign language.

2. Grammar and Mechanics (linguistic competency) is about the correct use of grammar, word order, and vocabulary and is thus the basic requirement for all communication in the foreign language. You will root out your grammar deficiencies and improve your vocabulary purposefully and effectively.

3. Style and Tone (sociolinguistic competency) means choosing the right words in a given situation. After all, it's often not what you say but how you say it that's important. Our customized learning tips will help you to develop the necessary awareness.

4. Context and Meaning (pragmatic competency) firmly anchors you in a conversation. Once you understand the multiple functions of the foreign language, you can act confidently and achieve your communicative goals. You will acquire this essential skill through professional and continuous feedback on real communicative situations.