Frequently Asked Questions

How can I improve my writing skills with Basecamp?

Basecamp is the first customized online learning service that helps you eliminate grammatical errors and at the same time apply the idiomatic and cultural nuances of the English or German language. Here's how it works: We assess your starting position (A1-C2) based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). Your personal tutor then corrects your documents and gives you customized feedback, independent of time and place.

Is Basecamp right for me?

Basecamp is suitable for you if you seek targeted improvement of your written language and writing skills. It does not matter in what industry or subject area you operate or whether you want to improve your language skills for professional or personal reasons. We edit your documents, measure your progress, and give you valuable language learning tips.

What will I get out of Basecamp?

Basecamp is a new and fresh language learning AND editing service. Our tutors correct your documents and give you tailored feedback. There are linguistic stumbling blocks and pitfalls in cross-cultural communication. We offer you concrete solutions on the basis of your own writing and provide you with tailor-made language learning tips to ensure that your communication in the foreign language works smoothly.

How will my learning progress be measured?

The higher your level, and the more demanding the conversation topics, the more weight is given to word choice, style, and cultural codes. In order to best prepare you for challenging situations with international business and project partners, we have developed scientifically based criteria by which we evaluate your documents and measure your learning progress.

What is a Basecamp competency level?

The six Basecamp competency levels A1-C2) were developed based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and include the aspects of grammar and vocabulary, as well as idiomatic and cultural subtleties and nuances of the language. With Basecamp, you'll iron out more than just grammar deficiencies: you'll learn what words and what style of language are appropriate for your given situation.

How quickly can I reach the next Basecamp competency level?

You learn a foreign language faster if you exercise regularly. Depending on the level of competency you enter with (A1-C2) and on how much time you can devote to improving it, you can reach the next level of competency after just a few weeks or months by regularly writing and practicing. Experience has shown that the levels B1-B2 can be achieved relatively quickly. From there, it requires a more intensive workout because it becomes increasingly difficult to choose the right words and style (see Basecamp Competency Levels).

What qualifications do Basecamp language coaches have?

Basecamp language coaches are native speakers and have relevant academic training and years of professional experience in language teaching, linguistic mediation, and intercultural communication in the corporate and non-profit sectors.

How do I pay for and book Basecamp courses?

When you book a Basecamp package, we charge you by sending you a bill. We also offer you payment through our Paypal account. Once we have received your payment, your access to the learning platform will be activated.