The Basecamp team: value-creating and unique

We are a team of highly qualified language coaches and native speakers who combine professional excellence and years of experience to benefit our customers. Our unique blend of language training experience, business backgrounds, and native speaker insight can assist you and your organization to overcome the barriers when communicating in a global market.

Christina Merl Christina Merl, founder and director of Basecamp and, holds a Ph.D. in translation science with a focus on social learning in communities of practice. Her integrated TalkShop /2CG® methodology synthesizes concepts across disciplines, including collaborative learning, intercultural communication, the 4 C language learning method, and the effective use of social technologies in foreign language teaching.

James Mowlam James Mowlam, senior language coach at Basecamp and, holds a BA (Hons.) degree in Fine Arts from Winchester School of Art. Since moving to Vienna 15 years ago, James has moved into the field of Business English and English language training. In his and Basecamp seminars and classes, he concentrates on Business English, social English and small talk, cross-cultural communication, presentations, meetings and negotiations.

Charles Kirchofer Charles Kirchofer holds a Ph.D. in international relations with a focus on political economy. Charles is American and has studied and lived in Germany, Austria and Great Britain. He has specialized in sociolinguistic and pragmatic aspects of foreign language teaching and currently works from Boston as a senior language coach, editor and translator for Basecamp and

Gabriela Dorn-Scheruga Gabriela Dorn-Scheruga holds an MA in translation science from the University of Vienna. Gabriela has specialized in intercultural communication skills and developed the LBC cross-cultural training design methodology. /Basecamp and Gabriela Dorn-Scheruga cooperate on a number of intercultural communication projects and hold specifically developed intercultural assessment center events together.